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Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of pulses and oilseeds in the country. The State also shares a major share of the National agriculture production. About 25% of pulses, 15% of Peas and 40% of Grams are grown in the state. The State is the largest producer of Soya bean and Gram and the second largest producer of Jowar and Masoor in the Country. Madhya Pradesh leads in the production of Spices with the largest production of Garlic, accounting for 37% of the total national production. The state is the second largest producer of Coriander in the country.

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The agricultural land in the district Narsinghpur is considered to be the most fertile land all over Asia. The district is famous for its rich agricultural production. Malwa potato grown in the western part of the State (Malwa region) has a quality that has been proven useful for the potato chips processing.
The knowledge pool on Agriculture & Herbal sector is very high in Madhya Pradesh, it could be an ideal State for investments in Agro, Herbal & Bio tech sectors, because of its biodiversity.
Government of India has sanctioned six "Agriculture Export Zones" (AEZ) for six agro products in Madhya Pradesh ie, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Seeds, Spices and Wheat.
The sanction for 6 food parks for the state has already been obtained from Ministry of Food Processing, Government of India. The proposed food parks are coming up in Mandsaur, Khargone, Hoshangabad, Chhindwara, Mandla and Bhind. The main objective of the state and central government in setting up these parks is to help in the establishment of food processing industrial estates/ infrastructures by providing assistance for the common facilities such as research laboratories, cold storages, warehousing facilities etc.
The concept of contract farming is being recognized in Madhya Pradesh as the most promising opportunity for investment. The State has identified over 100 agricultural farms with an area of over 20,000 acres to be made available on lease to investors. Legal frame work for Contract framing is operational in Madhya Pradesh and is benefiting thousands of farmers.
Eyeing the business opportunity in one of the most bio diverse and strategically located states the farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture sector can now look forward to Madhya Pradesh as the next best haven for investment.

Given the vast potential of growth in this sector, CII proposes to organize the 1st edition of "Krishi Vikas 2009". The exhibition will help the farmers to understand the latest techniques and gain more knowledge in the field of agricultural development and help them in improving the quality of the agricultural produce. This will help in achieving the following objectives:


. Increasing the Agriculture productivity and production to double the farm income in 5 years.
. Create more employment opportunities and to convert present Marginal employment into full    employment by raising productivity.
. To help small & marginal farmers in particular.